Important information for Fires

Before choosing a fire or fireplace you will need to know the following

If you have a chimney or flue and if so which type

  • Class 1 – traditional brick with chimney still on roof
  • Class 2 – 5″ liner or terminal
  • Precast flue
  • The depth of opening
  • If the existing fire burr still in which was used for a coal open fire
  • What fuel you are using
  • Width of chimney breast for a fireplace.
Chimney – Class 1

The conventional brick chimney – clearly defined by a chimney stack and pot on the roof of a property.

Power Flue

Where no chimney or flue is available. A quiet but powerful fan situated on an outside wall expels the flue gases from the fire. Mains electricity required.

Pre-Cast – Class 2

Hollow concrete flue blocks create a flue up through the property usually terminating with a ridge vent on the roof.

Balanced Flue

Where no chimney or flue is available. The fire vents directly outside through a horizontal twin wall pipe. These fires are glass fronted. No mains electricity is required.

Pre-Fabricated – Class 2

A metal flue box situated behind the fire connects to a series of metal flue pipes run up through the house terminating with a pipe and terminal though the roof.

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